The Ring

The proposal was anything but ordinary and it all started with “the ring”.

As many of you may know my father passed away 5 years ago this month. It’s been a very slow process of finding that new normal, crying less each day…month…year and in my case, meeting that perfect someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I often say dad must have a better view from up above and was able to send Mark right to me.

Sometime in June of this year, mom surprised us both. On a visit to her apartment she had a special gift…which wasn’t really too out of the norm since on just about every visit she finds something to give to us as she’s still weeding through all of her and dads things. On past visits it may have been an old crock pot, bath robes, purses…clothes, the list is endless. But this time she had us “sit down”…which means it’s either really special or REALLY SCARY. She opens her hand and in it is her wedding ring set she’d worn for over 30 years. I hadn’t even noticed it wasn’t on her finger any longer. Before she could even say a word, I was in tears.

She handed it to Mark slowly and made him promise one thing before it left her grasp. He would keep this in a safe place until he was ready and had to promise not to sell it for cash. As funny as that sounds, she wasn’t kidding. I looked at him and smiled…”no pressure”.

So “The Ring” is a combination of old and new. With the help, and pure artistic brilliance, of Craig and his entire team at Whitten’s Fine Jewelry, this custom vintage inspired ring has all the stones from mom’s set, the center diamond and 10 little ones, encased in the white gold filigree.

It takes my breath away every time I look down at it. And to know it was something special for mom and dad for so long, is just icing on the cake.

~ Christina